Legal information


N.B: Only legal information in French are contractually binding.


The service is provided in line with our terms and conditions, which the user company acknowledges and accepts before ordering.


1) Schedule: The rate is applicable for a day of seven hours of actual work

Minimum billing: 4:00


2) Working overtime: premium for overtime in accordance with the law, only if the temp works over 35 hours during the week and with the same user company.


3) Night work Sunday and holidays: when working at night (from 21 pm to 6 am), Sunday or holiday, the price is adjusted in accordance with the regulations.


4) Transport: transport base transport rate (RER - the Paris Métro rail - ACOSS scale in force) from our agency or mileage rate (tax bracket) if traveling by car when the destination is not accessible transit.


5) Shopping: price includes cart as defined by the Joint Committee Ile de France.


6) Prices: With application of wages as defined by the collective agreements of the removal profession. To be reviewed in line with the changes of the minimum wage.


7) Cancellation: From the time when the temp leaves our agency, minimum charge 2 hours + transport costs.





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